The Taste of Zanuy

We invite you to a culinary journey.
Enjoy a creative experience, with multiple options.

Wrap it up with Zanuy

Veggie, Foodie, Mediterranean… Rolled, Flat or as a Pizza base… What is your Wrap option?

Zanuy Premium

Healthy, organic and funny options for an innovative culinary experience.

Get to Know Us

Zanuy is the commercial brand of Liven, a leading savoury snacks and flour tortilla manufacturer in Europe.
Based in Barcelona, we have 3 manufacturing sites in Spain and all the corn we use in production comes from our own fields in Ariestolas (Huesca), GMO-Free and BRC certified.
Berga (Barcelona), our main manufacturing site, uses Green and renewable energy in most of its production lines, coming from a Biomass heater and 6000 m2 of Solar panels installed on its roof.
No wonder our Zanuy tortilla chips are among Europe’s favourite!

We offer you a savoury journey, from the authentic #Tex-Mex to the most trendy #Premium snacks, with #Organic and #On-the-Go options.

Zanuy Tex-Mex

A flavoursome, authentic and funny Tex-Mex experience

Zanuy Others

A culinary gourmet, foodie experience….or just mindful snacking

Our FoodTruck

Due to the health emergency situation, our FoodTruck stopped touring the peninsula.

However, we join the initiative of some young restaurateurs “Food4Heroes, to support all healthcare personnel .

Soon we will return #ontheroad, with more strength, new ideas and eager to see you.

zanuy foodtruck

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