The Taste of Zanuy

We invite you to a culinary journey.
Enjoy a creative experience, with multiple options.

Wrap it up with Zanuy

Veggie, Foodie, Mediterranean… Rolled, Flat or as a Pizza base… What is your Wrap option?

Zanuy Premium

Healthy, organic and funny options for an innovative culinary experience.

Degusta Box Award Finalists

Thanks to Degusta Box subscribers for making our Piadina a finalist!
The award for “The Best Kitchen Ingredient 2020” arises from thousands of reviews, and knowing that ours are so positive encourages us to continue offering the tastiest, healthiest and most sustainable products.

Paulig group logo

Now we are Paulig

At Paulig we are united our purpose of creating a life full of flavour. And that’s been true since our company was started in 1876. We are still a family-owned company, now known internationally for our high-quality products, including coffee, spices, plant-based products, and snacks. Our product catalog is made up of big brands: Paulig café, Santa Maria, Risenta, Poco Loco and Zanuy.

At Paulig, we have a portfolio of great consumer brands that inspire and provide the means for sustainable, healthy and tasty living. Our brands bring people together and make small moments count.

We offer you a savoury journey, from the authentic #Tex-Mex to the most trendy #Premium snacks, with #Organic and #On-the-Go options.

Zanuy Tex-Mex

A flavoursome, authentic and funny Tex-Mex experience

Zanuy Others

A culinary gourmet, foodie experience….or just mindful snacking

zanuy kikos

Our FoodTruck

Due to the health emergency situation, our FoodTruck stopped touring the peninsula.

However, we join the initiative of some young restaurateurs “Food4Heroes, to support all healthcare personnel .

Soon we will return #ontheroad, with more strength, new ideas and eager to see you.

zanuy foodtruck

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